Update Beta 2.0 is now HERE!

We are excited to announce one of our biggest updates yet is here. We are bringing you guys some exciting new additions and optimizations to the server. Check out the official changelog below:

Update 2.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Phone bug fixed where SMS messages did not display their bubbles correctly
  • Shared jobs, inventories, and other things between characters has been fixed
  • Billing bug fixed
  • Character Customization & Plastic Surgery Bugs Fixed
  • Resources optimized.
  • Other Major & Minor Bug Fixes

New Features:

  • New Character Creator and Plastic Surgery.
  • New shop system with aisles / sections and the ability to pay with card.
  • New Player Owned Businesses 
  • New Clothing and Hair Additions
  • Scratch Off Lotto Tickets
  • New Collectible Items (Pokemon Cards) 
  • New Locations (Walmart, Dave & Busters, Drift Island and more!)
  • New Activities (Rollerblading, Paintball, RC Cars and more!)
  • New Jobs ( Vineyard, Security Camera Installer, Pool Cleaner, and more!)
  • New Heists
  • Police can now trace bullets and blood.
  • Green Zones
  • Players can now add their own personal blips to the map and share them with others.
  • Players can now play as animals (Donator item only!)
  • New Auto pilot feature for cars
  • New Drive By Feature (in order to shoot from vehicles you need to go below 40 mph and it forces you into first person with limited field of view)
  • Cayo Perico now has native monkeys that will randomly spawn and try to rob you, they will be super angry if your pockets are empty too 😉

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