Pearl's Restaurant


Pearl’s Restaurant

All  Businesses Come With The Following:

  • Business MLO
  • Inventory Stash
  • Money Wash
  • Exclusive Business Items
  • Safe For Clean Or Dirty Money
  • Crafting Tables / Shops (for business items only)
  • Business Account ( Starting cash varies on business)
  • Employee Ranks
  • Boss Menu

Once you make your donation by purchasing this item, please open a ticket in discord so we can set it up for you. Please note all VIP Houses and Businesses require you to pay an in-game tax of $3,000,000 a month per property/business in order to keep it. If you cannot pay the tax you can make another donation to keep the business for another month and then you will need to pay the tax going forward or make another donation.

IMPORTANT! This is not a mod site and we are not selling the files for these models. Do not make a purchase for these items expecting digital files.


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