Staff Applications are now open!

Do you love our city and want to help make a difference. Apply to be part of our staff team and you can help other players in the city with any issues they face. Help us make sure this city stays a safe place for all and always operates smoothly. We take great pride in […]

Player Owned Businesses Coming Soon!

You have probably already seen several restaurant and bar maps around our beautiful city. Well, pretty soon all of these businesses will be available for purchase on our VIP Donator shop. Once you purchase one you will have your own custom job set up for your business with rankings, stashes, safes, special stores just for […]

VIP Cars & Houses Now Available!

Are you a boujee bitch? Do you find yourself needing to live in a life of luxury? Now you can purchase special VIP cars and houses that are only available to donators! Each purchase you make helps support our server so that we can continue to grow and provide you with more amazing content. Be […]